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(by Peter)

Keywords: Intentional Community, Coworking, Cohousing, Utopia, Altruism, Transhumanism, Gaia, Synergy, Hackerspace, DIY-bio, Startup, Couchsurfing, NomadBase, Anarchy, Squatting, Social/cultural centre, Eco-city, Hacker Island, Geodome, Sovereignty, Hippie Commune, Tribe, Micronation, Social Experiment, Gift/Sharing economy, Autonomous space, Live-in hacklab, Freedom, Sustainable, Self-sufficiency

Let's get some cool people together and live in a tribe / family / team / intentional community. Experiment with better ways to live, and make the world a cooler place. We'll work together to survive and look after each other. This could include: farming, making software, making art … Any way we can harness our creativity / brainpower / muscle power / willpower in order to build the world we want. (We could do anything (as long as it's ethical)). I'm confident that a team of smart, passionate people, using the synergy created by living and working in the same space, can come up with lots of ways to survive and have fun at the same time.

Compare this idea with live-in hack/art spaces where individuals come and go, paying a small sum of money per day to cover costs. This system can create cool communities, but it puts pressures on members to have 'day jobs' (which are often a boring waste of time). We want to avoid this.

Think more along the lines of an RPG adventuring party. killing monsters, healing each other, sharing the loot. Each member has different skills that help the team. They succeed or fail as a group. Nobody is left behind.

No practical details have been fixed yet. Options we're considering: Renting/buying a house/warehouse, squatting, tent/yurt village, nomadic tribe, private island. The location will depend on the option we pick, and the consensus of the group. We're prepared to move anywhere in the world.


1) I've always felt more productive and more powerful when working in a group. I want my life to be optimal - so that means having the people who are working on the same projects around me all the time. Some of this can be achieved by online collaboration, but the effect is even greater when the people are in the same physical space. It allows a much better interface between the people. E.g. writing on white boards, group chats, looking over someone’s shoulder at what they're working on, discussing projects during meals. Similar effects are possible online, but so much better in real life. I like to think of people as the neurons of a hive mind. Working together they are greater than the sum of their parts.

Most modern mainstream lifestyles encourage isolation, people living in small family units and selling their time to a boss (see also: Problems with Profit Motive). I'm sure people can be much happier and more productive when living and working in larger communities.

2) I look at the world and it saddens me that there is so much injustice, oppression, suffering, greed, stupidity and violence. I'd like to see humans doing a better job of things/society/politics. One of the projects I want to work on with others is improving this situation. So as above, I think the most efficient way for me to work on this problem is in a real-life community.

Starting a community and getting our own space is also probably a good step towards fixing some of these problems. It gives us the control to experiment with new types of society/economy/politics. It gives us our own little world/space where we can try the things we want with minimal interference from pre-existing powers. If we can build something there that we think is an improvement, others will look at us and see that our ways are better, then they can try the same things.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

Join us

At the moment we're just a small online community. The next step is to get more people involved. I think more people will give us a better chance of making the project work. More knowledge, more ideas, more hands, more options. More synergy!

How many people will be involved? I'd like at least 12. There is no upper limit. Supposing 99 people are really keen on the idea, and can agree upon a location and are ready to move; could 99 people that only know each other from an online community, arrive at a location and manage to make something like this work smoothly? I don't know! On the one hand it's exciting: 'imagine what 99 people can do together!', on the other hand organising that many people into an efficient group could present a lot of problems. Obviously a lot depends on the people, let's see how it goes.

Everyone has something to offer. Everyone is welcome. You don't need any money or any particular skill set. We think a broad mix of people types is important to make this work optimally. I'd say our group is more aligned with hippie / anarchist / squatter mentality (but find out for yourself).

If you're interested, come and talk to us. Say 'hi' on our email list. Share your thoughts/ideas. Ask any questions you might have. Tell us about other groups on the same wavelength. Or if you prefer, feel free to contact one of us individually (You can find our contact details from the profiles on this wiki and say 'hullo' to someone). We also like to have discussions by voice. We use mumble for this.

If you're interested in this type of thing, but for some reason you don't feel like this particular manifestation is right for you, you're still welcome to talk to us. We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions (please speak freely, even if you only have criticisms!). Feel free to post about other projects. We'd be happy if this list became a hub for people thinking along the same lines, and maybe independent groups will form from it.

We think it's important that everyone involved gets to know each other online a bit first, and make sure everyone is on the same page. (Hopefully we'll all be friends, but this isn't essential!)

Nothing is set in stone at the moment. Everything is up for discussion. A lot depends on the people that will be living in the community. How many will join us? How many will be 100% committed and ready to move? Where do people want to live? What skills and resources will we have available to us? As the group grows, we'll get a better idea of what people want, and start to add more details to the plan.


“make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone”.
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

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